Kingsley Bello
3 min readJun 2, 2021

Hey everyone, we are so excited to share with the community the summary of the just ended month of May, yes it was indeed one the most significant month to remember in the ecosystem following the bloodbath that the entire market suffered in the third weekend as a result of the drastic fall in Bitcoin price, but glad everything is stabilizing now. Liquifi had quite a busy May with marketing drive for increased visibility of the Project’s product and infrastructure, plus some exciting progress made so far. Let’s take a look!

Liquifi got reviewed by Up Next Crypto

May started off quite excitingly for the Liquifi community as Up Next Crypto the popular youtubers with a 217K subscribers did an insightful review on the Liquifi platform. The 8min 13 sec video has garnered 33.5K views and over 450 comments. Here’s the Video below enjoy!

Liquifi Maiden in-house AMA

The official Liquifi telegram community had it’s first AMA with core team members - The Founder, Liquifi and The Tech Lead, Igor Mikhalev and Igor Struchkov were live on the telegram chatroom to walk members of the community through the core features of the Liquifi platform, they answered live questions from the community and other social media platforms. Here’s the summary below.

Airdrop Rewards Distributed

The team distributed the airdrop rewards to selected participants, the winners were manually selected and this process helped the airdrop managers to detect fake and incomplete entries. A total of 4K wallets got the rewards and the entire team says big thanks to everyone that participated.

AMA with Crypto Revolution

On the 14th of May the core team was involved in an AMA with Crypto Revolution, the sections were highly informative and interactive as Igor Mikhalev and Igor Struchkov answered live questions that bring deeper understanding of the Liquifi infrastructure.

Increased Liquidity providers and rewards pay out

Liquifi Liquidity pool, Liquidity providers and rewards pay out have increased significantly in the recent weeks that passed. The number of Liquidity providers is currently at 279 LP’s and the last pay out LQF rewards increased to 1,249,847 LQF, this is a huge growth for the Liquifi ecosystem, the team is proud of how the community is adopting the Liquifi way and we hope to see more increase in the future.

Liquifi DEX listed on Coinmaketcap

This really got us excited, to see Liquifi DEX listed on Coinmarketcap, the stautus at the moment is untracked and we are hoping that very soon live data will be reported from the DEX

Mars Economy IDO deployed on Liquifi DEX

Mars Economy is a community-led DeFi project using blockchain-based predictions market as a vehicle to drive the democratic approach to Mars colonization. This interesting project launched their IDO on the Liquifi DEX and it was a success, with the project thriving and team working nonstop to bring the project to the mainstream the the Liquifi team is proud to have partnered with the Mars Economy team and we wish them all the best in the industry.

AMA with Liquifi and Mars Economy at Satoshi Club

Satoshi Club is one of the biggest promotional community with over 70K active members, Liquifi core team and the Mars Economy core team were both hosted in one of the most fascinating AMA ever held. it was informative, entertaining and very interactive as the community got to learn a lot about Liquifi and Mars Economy, below is a summary.

AMA with Cryptriq Research Club

In a drive to keep spreading the word, the team made another stop at Cryptriq Research Club for an AMA with the enthusiastic community, they were walked through the Liquifi infrastructure, live questions were answered by the core team and there were freebies for best questions.

With all of the above achieved in the month of May, the team is looking forward to an even more exciting June with loads of updates for the the entire community and investors.

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