All the Hare ever wanted was a couple of Carrots and a good time

Kingsley Bello
3 min readJul 25, 2021


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Hare is a fast-running, long-eared mammal that resembles a large rabbit, having very long hind legs and typically found in grassland or open woodland, they just may look like rabbits but they are not.

Hare Token is a community based project that was meant to be an experimental project on the Binance Smart Chain Network but turned out to be a massively successful project. At first when I saw the max supply of the project I was like “100 sextillion? that’s impossible!”, I have never seen that amount of supply before in all my almost 5 years experience in the blockchain ecosystem. So what’s up with this meme coin, will it be different from the loads of BSC projects out there? Let’s find out!

Like every other meme coin, they aim to create a Hare legacy, maybe the founder got huge love for the long-eared mammal or could it be an idea that popped up in the bar over a couple of drinks and a good time? or that while trying to make a perfect experiment out of it, it all turned out blossoming at launch. I have tried to figure this out but gave up in the end as I noticed these guys have been true to their words at any point in time. The ever busy global telegram community grown to over 100k members even after suffering a huge -65% in the market, well thanks to the successful series of airdrops.

What’s $CARROT to a $HARE ?

bugs bunny and carrot

The Hare project continue to flourish with the introduction of CARROT token into it’s ecosystem, the interesting part is that all $HARE holders can get $CARROT by simply staking their $HARE at a juicy APR that began as much as 1200% The process is quite simple, just log on to the Dapp and connect your wallet, make a deposit of the amount of $HARE to be staked and your Carrot starts piling up. It all made huge sense as to the natural correlation between the HARE and CARROT

The bad news

The bad news is that the marketcap of Hare token has dropped significantly on the negative side of the market, it’s all time high in less than a month of launched crossed $50M but as at the time of writing MC is just a little more than $1.5M. I get it that most BSC projects possess same market performance traits, I also believe some of them will do well the farther we all get in the tunnel.

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The good news

The great news is this project has a community of over 150K members globally, the project is going just fine and the team is always working behind the curtain and the price can’t hit beyond the ground than it is now, the only way forward as it looks right now is an upward movement. Whatever amount you can grab with $20 right now will worth much more in no distant time.

Bye now.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated to HARE token, therefore, the content of this article is nothing personal but my point of views. #NFA


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