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A failed RugPull strengthens community with the power to build — The BullRun Story

Kingsley Bello
3 min readJul 3, 2021


In The Beginning, it was a project with one of the most fascinating use cases in the ecosystem, the first mobile mining project on the Binance Smart Chain. If you are familiar with the Standford’s University PhD’s PiNetwork that has grown it’s community to over 18M engaged mobile miners globally, you will definitely see a gem in this project, especially when the market cap is still under a $1M. That’s how hyped every member of the community was, all waiting to blow up with their bags like Shiba Inu. Yeah right, the name of the project is BullRun $BULL

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The Red Flag

The red flag signs started showing when a dump was plummeting the market cap to as low as $200K meanwhile a bullish information was pinned to the telegram group announcing money paid for promotional ad and earlier, a Coingecko response to the team’s listing application making everything look like “we are going to hit a new all time high so don’t worry about the whale selling, just eat the dip!” the market cap further went down to a point where concerned community members made contacts and found out that the influencer mentioned was never paid to promote and what looked like a screenshot private message conversation between the team’s representative and the Twitter influencer never happened, there and then these community members raised the alarm and the whole community went boom! the FUD become reality within minutes, the dump increased, the curses increased, the angry leavers increased and the market cap plummeted to $30K the devs were nowhere to be found.

The Bulls Alliance

These concerned community members realized they have just two options left, to let the ship sink or heave up and make it to the shores at all cost. They synergized and embarked on the revival path, they managed to gain ownership of the website and social handles, they gave the bad actors all the time they needed to empty their bags and they ran them through like an angry Mexican bull on the lose

Here’s how it looked like below

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The organization and running of the project changed hands completely, the new team had to start fixing the damages created by the original founders, for example change the concept of BullRun and it’s use-cases since they discovered that the dev did not write the smart contract with mineable functionality.

Don’t mess with the Bull !

Apart from default deflationary and Holders redistribution tokenomics, now the project is repositioned for greater purpose and aims to mark giant footprints in the Defi and Binance Smart Chain ecosystems, website have been revamped, new logo, whitepaper completed and the roadmap clearly showing where the project is right now and the milestones ahead, the community has grown impressively. The bull is pawing with the forefoot, get onboard now before the BullRun up the charts!

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