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Crypto Leagues — no more Rekt!

Have you ever suffered some kind of loss in the crypto space while trading, I mean that kind of loss that makes you clip both hands and tightly rest them on your head?

The Rekt meme reminds me of the situation newbies and inexperienced…

Event: Liquifi AMA Voice Chat (Maiden edition)
Guests: Igor Mikhalev — Co-Founder & Igor Struchkov— Tech lead
Moderator: Kingsley (K)

It was indeed an exciting, highly informative and insightful Voice chat with the core team. A lot were revealed during the AMA ranging from a break down explanation of the current farming interface and features functionalities, the integration of Liquifi protocol into Cardano Network, the listing and floor price of LQF V2 to the envisaged price and the future generally for the Liquifi ecosystem.

Participants in the voice chat got to chance to ask the core team questions that they needed answers to. 5000 LQF V2 was prize pool for participants in the live AMA voice chat.

Below is the voice choice audio for your listening pleasure.

Kingsley Bello

Blockchain Enthusiast.

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