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Crypto Leagues — no more Rekt!

Have you ever suffered some kind of loss in the crypto space while trading, I mean that kind of loss that makes you clip both hands and tightly rest them on your head?

The Rekt meme reminds me of the situation newbies and inexperienced traders face when they try to jump on a trending cryptocurrency trade with most of their investment capital falling to nearly zero $ value, due to a lack of understanding of the cryptocurrency price volatility, the inability to manage emotions, and other factors that could affect the trading experience and…

Event: Liquifi AMA Voice Chat (Maiden edition)
Guests: Igor Mikhalev — Co-Founder & Igor Struchkov— Tech lead
Moderator: Kingsley (K)

It was indeed an exciting, highly informative and insightful Voice chat with the core team. A lot were revealed during the AMA ranging from a break down explanation of the current farming interface and features functionalities, the integration of Liquifi protocol into Cardano Network, the listing and floor price of LQF V2 to the envisaged price and the future generally for the Liquifi ecosystem.

Participants in the voice chat got to chance to ask the core team questions that they needed answers to. 5000 LQF V2 was prize pool for participants in the live AMA voice chat.

Below is the voice choice audio for your listening pleasure.

HARE Token official Logo

Hare is a fast-running, long-eared mammal that resembles a large rabbit, having very long hind legs and typically found in grassland or open woodland, they just may look like rabbits but they are not.

Hare Token is a community based project that was meant to be an experimental project on the Binance Smart Chain Network but turned out to be a massively successful project. At first when I saw the max supply of the project I was like “100 sextillion? that’s impossible!”, I have never seen that amount of supply before in all my almost 5 years experience in the…

BSCLAUNCH official logo

BSClaunch is a protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain, enabling projects to raise capital in a decentralized environment and the community to invest with peace of mind, freedom, and equal opportunity.

On the 16th of June 2021 we hosted the the team to learn more about the project's infrastructure and here's the recap below.

Hey everyone and welcome to yet another Liquifi AMA series with BSCLAUNCH and our guest today is @TobiBSCLaunch the head of marketing

Tobi BSClaunch:
Hi everyone

We are going to learn so much about the BSCLAUNCH infrastructure, the Twitter post for the questions got over…

The official logo of BullRun

In The Beginning, it was a project with one of the most fascinating use cases in the ecosystem, the first mobile mining project on the Binance Smart Chain. If you are familiar with the Standford’s University PhD’s PiNetwork that has grown it’s community to over 18M engaged mobile miners globally, you will definitely see a gem in this project, especially when the market cap is still under a $1M. That’s how hyped every member of the community was, all waiting to blow up with their bags like Shiba Inu. Yeah right, the name of the project is BullRun $BULL


We had a great time with Alex and Oksana the founder and COO of the project respectively, It was insightful and highly informative sections with so much to learn about how they aim to take NFT industry to the next level via their all in one marketplace. Here is the AMA summary.



Alright then, the AMA will be in 2 sections, the first is where I pick 10 questions from the tweet comment section for you to answer and the next section is freeask section with the community.

Are you guys ready to roll??


I will like to…


Hey everyone! Last week we hosted the core team of MUTTZ and it was 2 exciting sections with so much information drawing attentions to the love and care for Mutts as a special breeds of dogs and MUTTZ as a Meme token and charity attached to the project. Here’s the summary of the AMA. Enjoy!

Hello everyone, it’s a pleasure to welcome you to today’s edition of our AMA series with the one and only $MUTTZ project and the core team members @CyptoMutt and @KongMan

Shane (Will Not DM You First):
Ready to go

Nice to be here


Hey everyone, Tuesday the 8th of June was an awesome day at the Liquifi telegram community as we hosted team in our AMA series and it was so impactful and insightful here is the AMA summary below.

Alright everyone and welcome to this AMA event with the WOWSWAP team :rocket::rocket::tada:

The group has been muted as we begin this AMA and apologies for the 10 minutes delay

Hi @WowDegen welcome on board, are you ready to roll?? | Never DM you first
Hello everyone! Yes, I am ready


Without further delays, we…


Hey everyone, we are so excited to share with the community the summary of the just ended month of May, yes it was indeed one the most significant month to remember in the ecosystem following the bloodbath that the entire market suffered in the third weekend as a result of the drastic fall in Bitcoin price, but glad everything is stabilizing now. Liquifi had quite a busy May with marketing drive for increased visibility of the Project’s product and infrastructure, plus some exciting progress made so far. Let’s take a look!

Liquifi got reviewed by Up Next Crypto

May started…

Liquifi and Mars Economy logos

It was just less than a week after the successful launch of the first ever IDO deployed on the Liquifi Dapp. Mars Economy having launched on an applaudable note into the mainstream, they paired up with Liquifi Team to host an AMA with Satoshi Club one of the most renowned communities for AMA’s and projects promotional events.

The AMA session was highly informative, educating and entertaining with both teams and the community flowing in a spectrum of positive vibes, below is the AMA summary.

Mary | Satoshi Club : Hello again Satoshi Club! We are happy to announce our AMA…

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